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After years of painting and teaching watercolor, Diana has begun illustrating the stories she has been writing for children -- it's Picture Book time! Diana is a member of the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and HCCWIG (Hunterdon County Children's Writers & Illustrators Group). In the past she has done other illustration work shown in the samples below. Yes, she is available for commissions: please her.

Published Picture Books

Rocking out to Sea

Rocking out to Sea just published in December 2013 is a tale of Laddie, a small boy who lets his imagination take him away to many places, using the Rocking Boat his father made him. Eventuallly Laddie figures out that his little sister Lacey is the perfect choice for sharing these adventures. This publication is unique in that it is read calendar style.

Rocking Ordering Instructions image

Rocking out to Sea cover

Charlemagne to the Rescue

Charlemagne to the Rescue, Third Place winner in the 3rd ABC's Children's Book Competition has been published! Click on the scroll below to find out how to order.

Ordering Instructions image

Charlemagne first page      Charlemagne and Gourami      Charlemagne bites the net

This book can help children build self esteem and adjust to new situations and places.

Read more about Charelmagne at Charlemagne's web site,

Other Picture Books

The books below are in the process of being illustrated, and manuscripts are constantly being revised. They have not as yet been published, although Diana hopes they will be soon. The books often include fish, cats, and other animals.

Miss Jillian Meets the Seasons

In this book, the first of a series with toddler Miss Jillian, Miss Jillian experiences the seasons in colors, sounds, textures, and close encounters of different kinds. In each watercolor illustration, there is also a photo of one of the objects Miss Jillian sees. Along the way, the child reader will be able to point out various birds, cats, dogs, and butterflies, among other familiar sights.

Miss Jillian cover     Miss Jillian snow     Miss Jillian snow

Babies on the Block

is a rollicking board book about the babies on the block. Of different races, these babies live on the block and they certainly enjoy life.

Shawn, Amy and Ming Lee     Bella, Michael,and Pratop     Are Babies on the block
Rock and roll babies                   Stop and stroll babies

Ronnie's Friend Trike

All the other children had things to ride except Ronnie. Then one day he found Trike and they had wonderful adventures together.

Ronnies Trike a             Ronnies Trike b

Raising Dragons Is Tough to Do

Alexander had no idea what he was getting into when he rescued the abandoned nest of eggs.

Finding the nest             Dragons in bathtub

Moeava and He'e, a Hawaiian tale of Friendship

Moeava, a young Hawaiian boy, and He'e, the Day Octopus, form an unusual friendship. Moeava first saves He'e, but then He'e solves Moeava's preschool problems with the help of building blocks and his own cleverness. Together they are unbeatable.


Mele Kanoa - His Own Song

All male humpback whales sing the same song. Or do they? A tale of an individualistic creative Hawaiian humpback.

Mele Kanoa            

Lucy in the Galapagos

Lucy loves the hat her best friend gave her; it shades her eyes so she can clearly see the animals in the Galapagos. In the heat, it keeps her cool. However, misfortune in the guise of a curious fur seal strikes as the seal takes Lucy’s hat. Across the islands travels Lucy’s hat, and Lucy is always one step behind. Of course there is a happy ending. We also meet brother Bernie, who is clueless as to his sister’s quest, and enjoys the Galapagos in his own way.

Turtles      Family picture

Catalpa Chases Halloween

A kitten goes on his first big adventure and discovers Halloween.

Catalpa left page      Catalpa right page

Nutley Wiggens - Frog Extraordinaire

Nutley Wiggens is not like other frogs. He does not want to eat bugs sit on wobbly lily pads, or do other frogly things. Nutley wants to see the world, especially Mystery Pond.

Nutley on Lilly      Nutley Wiggens picture

The Magic Rabbit

Serena and her younger brother Lenny search for the Magic Rabbit so they can wish on him to bring their daddy home "from war" to be there for Lenny's birthday. Although this story has no miraculous ending, it does bring the children to a happy compromise and realization that all is well in their world.

Holding hands

What Do You See

Detailed illustrations introduce children to the natural world around them and show how we, animals and humans, are interdependent. Children and parents can study the detailed pictures and figure out the physical as well as mental connections among the pictures.

What Do You See?

The Three Little Fishes

Familiar goldfish are the characters in this humorous adaption of The Three Little Pigs.

Three Fishes      Smithers

Out of the Way, Little Deer!

Little Deer learns to stand up for himself against other bullying deer during a winter when the food supply is low.

Little deer page

We Are Not Alike

Aubergine and Ambertina are twins but are struggling to keep their individuality.

Goldilocks Makes Amends

What happens after Goldilocks runs amuck among the bears.

Selma Is a Shepherdess

2000 years ago Selma is a shepherdess among shepherds.

The Mall Walkers

In which we meet a resourceful small girl on a special search.

Early Chapter Book

Andy Finds a Friend

Andy, a colt, overcomes his background of abuse and finds a friend.

Middle Grade Chapter Books

I Guess I Can Live with This

Shawn McNulty, Jr. has a lot on his platter: the first year of middle school, the 8th grade bullies, his mom’s pregnancy and the resulting threat to her and the new baby, his new little sister, and last, but most importantly, his dad’s brain tumor. How does Shawn manage or adapt to all this? With humor? With his friend Amy’s mentoring? With muddling on through? With fumbles here and there, and a few tears as well as laughs, Shawn begins to learn to change what he can change, and live more or less happily with what he can’t.

This middle grade novel should be particularly entertaining for boys from 9-13. It will be illustrated by the author in black and white drawings and also by “Shawn McNulty” himself.

I missed my bus
I Missed My Bus
     If I Had A Pet Lion
If I Had A Pet Lion
Sixth Grade Is Overwhelming
Sixth Grade Is Overwhelming

The Land of the Discards

Welcome to this unusual land - we'll say no more here

The Garden of Teeny Tiny Delights (in graphic novel form)

Join five (toy) bears as they have adventures in a garden.

Button meets a hummingbird
Button Meets a Hummingbird
     First Page
First Page

The Bears on North haven

In progress


Illustrations for cards for The Art of Game Design by Jesse Schell.

The book
The cards
The tee shirts
Lens of Unification
Lens of Unification
     Lens of Community
Lens of Community
     Lens of Surprise
Lens of Surprise

New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

poster nj festival of ballooning


cook book page beginnings          cook book page sweet things

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